S3 Aroma

201.15 USD

A perfuming device for large and medium places to enjoy refreshing smells

Suitable for commercial uses such as hotel lobbies, shops, large or medium-sized villas

Cold air pressure technology to spread freshener in the air

Prevents bad odors

Can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor

The possibility of making a perfuming device with central air conditioning devices on top of towers or buildings or above the interior ceiling

In the case of installation with air conditioners, an installation technician is needed to match the air conditioners

Control the timing of the device's work and the degree of freshener concentration in the air through a mobile application

Coverage up to 850 cubic meters at maximum concentration

Works with the following bottle sizes 900 ml 450 ml and 220 ml

The price includes a 220ml perfume box

  • 201.15 USD

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